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The Chemistry Club serves the information technology sector and is an independent organisation. A range of events are run by The Chemistry Club including training, technology briefings and executive coaching.


The Chemistry Club IT Forum

The Chemistry Club's networking events have been allowing participants to meet each other in an independent environment since 1999. Discussion topics have included efficiency, innovation and best practice.

The following people are brought together:
• Senior executives of FTSE-100 companies or equivalent
• major suppliers of IT
• media company technology officers
• public sector, both central and local government
• CEOs of smaller innovative technology businesses
• directors of marketing
• procurement heads
• academics
• operations directors
• seniors from venture capital groups
• risk and security directors

Our guest speakers represent a wide range of sectors. Varied topics include innovation, mobile technology, the environment, leadership and the economy.

B2B Events

The B2B Forum is sponsored by our supporters and is for IT suppliers only. The gatherings, which are informal, allow executives to get together and share their experiences. The latest trends in the IT sector are examined and discussed.

Networking Master Classes

The Chemistry Club organises full day networking master classes giving delegates the practical skills they need to develop their networking. Our networking master classes are fully accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD). All aspects of networking are covered including how to meet and engage in conversation, how to prepare for a business event, and how to do follow ups.

Special Briefing Days

Occasional special briefings are arranged for our stakeholders and supporters to see how a specific large scale project is developing. There is an opportunity for them to discover state of the art forms of management and project implementation.

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