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The Chemistry Club IT Forum FAQ

What is the format of the networking events?

Our events are usually held in the evening and start at 6.00pm with a guest speaker taking the floor at around 8.00pm. There is a lively Q&A session and then networking resumes. A little later in the evening, for those wishing to eat, an informal buffet dinner is available. Unlike most events, there are no large tables or formal seating plans. The informality of the evening is such that some people may arrive late or leave early. The evenings tend to draw to a close usually around 9.45pm.

Do you guarantee introductions?

No, absolutely not. Attendees meet by their mutual consent.

Can an attendee decline an introduction?

Yes, there is no obligation for an attendee to see someone they don’t wish to see. Introductions can be declined.

Why do people from the public sector come?

Most people from the public sector come along because they want to meet senior industry executives from the IT sector to discuss a range of business issues all at one event and all under one roof. They also come to meet senior executives from FTSE-100 companies to share experiences, discuss best practice and exchange ideas. For local Government officials, it also provides an opportunity to meet central Government officials and vice-versa.

The evenings represent an exceptionally good use of time for participants.

I am from the public sector and I would like to attend

If you are a senior civil servant who is relevant to our IT Forum, then we can extend an invitation to you, but not to our B2B Forum.

We do not charge public sector to attend.

I am a Head of IT, should I attend?

If you are a Head of IT/Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer then it depends on the size and relevance of your organisation. As a guide, we tend to invite CIOs, CTOs and Director-level executives from FTSE-100 companies or equivalent.

We do not charge Heads of IT to participate at our evenings.

Who attends?

• Executive management from FTSE-100 companies or equivalent
• Global IT suppliers
• Public sector including central and local government
• Senior executives from media companies
• Directors from venture capital and private equity firms

Lists of attendees are available here:
December 2011 - November 2011 - October 2011 - September 2011 - July 2011 - January 2012

I am from a service provider organisation – can I attend?

No, unlike most other events, we do not invite executives from ‘service provider’ organisations such as executive search firms and law firms to any of our forums.